Conference Recordings

Attended #MACUL21 and looking for more?

How to access your recordings

Attendees have been sent emails regarding conference recordings. If you did not receive an email, check spam folders. If you need assistance in obtaining conference recordings, visit our Contact Us page.

A few reminders about these recordings:
  1. The content is the presenter’s and they have graciously agreed to let us share the recordings with you due to the chaos COVID has created this year.
  2. Since the content does belong to the presenters, please refrain from copying, sharing or otherwise using the recordings for anything other than your personal viewing. They worked very hard to bring you this content, so please respect that work and use the recordings appropriately. 
  3. Not every session that took place this year has a recording. We did our best to indicate which ones wouldn’t be recorded in the SCHED site, but in the end we made as many of the recordings available that we could based on several factors.
  4. The recordings will be available for on-demand viewing from April 2 – July 2. The content will be pulled down promptly at 5 pm and will not be made available after 5 PM on July 2. 
  5. You have until July 16th to turn in your SCECH forms. The max number of hours available is 25 and you must download the form, print it out, fill it out and return to our office signed and with your PIC number on the form. The deadline for SCECH forms is 11:59 PM on July 16, 2021.
  6. Visit the SCHED site for any resources that a presenter has uploaded. Presenter’s may have uploaded their slides, pdfs or documents connected to their presentation.