2022 Conference Workshops

Workshops are in-depth, interactive, focused sessions that help to extend your knowledge and strengthen your tech skills.

Space is limited, so be sure to register early. The 2022 Conference will have THREE SLOTS with multiple two-hour workshops in each time slot. They are not included in the conference package and must be registered for separately.


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2 Sessions
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3 Sessions
Early bird deadline: 3/2/22

ESPORTS Broadcasting & Streaming

David Pastula, MiHSEF, Peter Kooi, MiHSEF and Aquinas College Esports

Adopting an Advocacy Mentality

Dr. Sheldon Eakins

The METS Spring Rally @ MACUL

The METS Group

Atlas to the Future of Google Chrome and Google Workspace for Education

Tom Chapman, GoogleforEDU

Openly-Licensed Educational Resources (OER) and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Jill Griffin, MDE

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

Amy Farkas, STEM Educator & Consultant, Seitz Middle School, Riverview Community School District

Canva / Canva For Education

Leslie Fisher

3-2-1 Blast off with MiTech Kids and 21 Things!

Courtney Conley, Trapper Hallam, Cory Widener, Instructional Technology Coaches, Utica Community Schools

Prioritizing Equitable Access to Learning through Techquity!

Andratesha Fritzgerald, Stacey Banks and Marc Callahan, TextHelp

Purposeful Technology to Create Authentic Learning

Trevor Muir

Use Technology & Engineering Challenges to Build A STEM Program

Amy Farkas, STEM Educator & Consultant, Seitz Middle School, Riverview Community School District

Organizational Technology Audits (MSBO)

Sara Easter, Communications by Design

Let’s Dig In and Begin with Computer Science

Cheryl Wilson, MDE

Gimkit and Kahoot. Dive in!

Leslie Fisher

ESPORTS from A to Z

Zach Garner, MiHSEF and Perry High School Esports, Dylan Chapman, MiHSEF and Grass Lake High School Esports


John Sowash, Sowash Ventures, LLC

Building Teacher and Student Agency in Any Environment

Anne Perez, MV

1 to 1 Effective Practices Panel

A Tech Director’s Panel

Increase Student Achievement Without Making Your Job Harder

Nicole Andreas, Kent City Elementary School, Monique Coulman, Haas Elementary School, Billie Freeland, Kent City Elementary School, Denise Gallemore, Haas Elementary School, Dawn Michalak, McAlear-Sawden Elementary School, Elliot Soloway, Center for Digital Curricula, University of Michigan, and Anne Tapp, Director of Professional Development, Center for Digital Curricula, School of Education, Saginaw Valley State University

Examining ways to use my position as an educator to support others

Dr. Sheldon Eakins

Tech that Supports Voice and Choice

Eric Robinson, Chelsea Community Schools

Solutions That Drive Online Engagement and Interaction

Leslie Fisher

Security/Disaster Recovery (MSBO)

Mark Spaak & Paul Kennedy, Rehmann

Moving from Survive to Thrive in your LMS

Kelly Tillman, Lori Wetzel, Melissa Kempski, Carrie Moggenberg, Erin Gotra, Mike Hastings

How to Tech with Littles

Mary Hankins, Owosso Community Schools

Hands-on Technical Deep Dive into Google Workspace for Education Plus Features and Tools- GoogleforEDU

Tom Woods, AmplifiedIT

Creating a Curriculum of Innovation …on a Budget!

Amy Farkas, STEM Educator & Consultant, Seitz Middle School, Riverview Community School District

Centering Students: Diversity. Equity and Inclusion Thinking in Schools

Alex Kuiper, Kristal Jaskelainen, Veronica Choe and Ashara Shepard-Lance