2022 Conference Workshops

Workshops are in-depth, interactive, focused sessions that help to extend your knowledge and strengthen your tech skills. Space is limited, so be sure to register early. The 2022 Conference will have THREE SLOTS with multiple two-hour workshops in each time slot. They are not included in the conference package and must be registered for separately.

Registration is now open for workshops and conference – Sign up Today!


$79 (for 1 session); $99 after 3/2/22 Early Bird Deadline

$158 (for 2 sessions); $198 after3/2/22 Early Bird Deadline

$159 (for 3 sessions); $199 after 3/2/22 Early Bird Deadline

If you select 2 sessions, you get the 3rd session only for $1!

Workshop Slot 1: 9:30-11:30 AMWorkshop Slot 2: 1:00-3:00 PM Workshop Slot 3: 3:30-5:30 PM