SCECH Credits

SCECHs (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) will be offered (up to 25) at the 2021 MACUL Virtual Conference. You must attend at least one hour in order to be eligible for credit. (A minimum of one contact hour of learning is required to meet the State minimum for SCECH credit).

The breakdown of credits received will depend on the sessions attendees choose to attend either ‘live’ or through recordings. Turn in only 1 application.

The MAXIMUM number of SCECH Hours to be earned for the 2021 Conference is 25.  

Unlike previous years, you are not required to submit paper forms. You need to submit forms electronically to As a reminder, the application deadline will be strictly enforced. Completed forms will be accepted via email only.  Deadline to turn in the forms is July 16, 11:59 PM. You must submit your SCECH application by the deadline – July 16, 11:59 PM.

Download the form here: SCECH form 2021

PIC number

Make sure you have PIC (Personal Identification Code) number as you will need it to turn in the SCECH forms and to receive the hours.

Need your PIC Number? Download instructions (PDF)

All forms will be reviewed for accuracy. Please make sure your first name, last name, PIC number, and email address EXACTLY match the login information for your State of MI MOECS account. If these do not match, your hours will not be successfully uploaded with the Department of Education.


Once the SCECHS are uploaded, participants will receive an email directing them to the web address, to review their personal account and complete the evaluation.  After completion of the evaluation, SCECHs will be awarded and listed on an unofficial transcript.

Participants have 30 days after the program is uploaded to update the personal account and complete the evaluation before SCECHs are granted.

Daniel Mares and Dean Meyer at the MACUL conference