Are you speaking at the MACUL conference and looking for some helpful information? We’ve got you covered! 

General Information

Use #MACUL24 and start sharing that you are presenting to all your networks!

Conference Registration for Speakers :
There will be a speakers' center at the conference. Use this room to:
Session Evaluation

Technology Information

Each room will have the following technology:
Connectors for Display:

Be sure to bring the appropriate connection adapter for your device to plug into the projectors.  Because there are so many different types, our volunteer Tech Support staff will not be able to provide adapters.

  1. Apple Mac’s will need – USB-C or Lightning to HDMI connector
  2. Chromebooks may need HTML, Mini HTML or USB-C to HDMI connector
  3. iPad’s will need a lightning to HDMI or USB-C to HDMI adaptor to connect to the projector
  4. Android Tablets – depends on the model. Check your device specifications to determine which will work for you. Many will use the mini HDMI to HDMI or USB-C to HDMI
Projecting iPads or other devices

We can’t guarantee that the below listed devices or programs will work on the the wireless network. It is advised that you plan to not have this capability and be ready to present without them. Screen shots or videos may be a good alternative. Another option is to have the appropriate adapter so that the device can be directly connected to the projector.

  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Reflector app
  • Airserver program
  • Splashtop apps
Technical Assistance

If you need any help with your Internet connection, audio or video setup, please look for a helpful MACUL Tech Support worker from Premier AV. MACUL has arranged to have tech’s set up in hallways and rooms to assist with any troubleshooting needs. They should be checking on you prior to your session.

Speaker Portal

Accessing the speaker portal of the app: Available by Late February

The Attendee Interactive Site lets you update general contact info, bio, picture and upload handouts. Basically, you can do it all from there.

How to Access and Edit Your Speaker Info and Update Handouts

1. Update your general contact info, title, organization, bio, picture etc.? Then login to the AI site. This is the same site you used to submit your proposals.. Go to https://ww6.aievolution.com/cul2401/ Login with your email and password. Use the email you used to submit your proposal. If you have forgotten your password, use the “forgot your password? link.

2. You will come to the Bio. You have to put something in the Bio text box. If you have what you want, then just save. It will take you to a screen where you edit the contact info or the bio. If you click update the Bio button, there is a file upload link below the bio and you can upload a headshot.

3. Hit the Dashboard button in upper left menu bar and it will take you to a screen with three cards. On the “Profile” Card, choose “Edit Contact Info”. You should be able to update Information.

4. If you go back to the dashboard and click on the “Speaker Center” card, you can click on your sessions. There is a place to upload Documents.

Please note: The Conference App is updated directly from the Attendee Interactive Site.

Posting Handouts to the MACUL App

Please post your handouts and electronic resources to the #MACUL24 app for prospective participants. We know, from their feedback in prior years, that participants are particularly grateful for any handouts they can access. 

NOTE: You can only upload .PDF documents to the app. 

The app supports the upload of files only (not web links). For best results, upload PDFs with a max filesize of 6mb. Upload your presentation and/or handouts (PDF format, with a maximum size of 6MB). If you have web links that you wish to share (such as Google Documents, Slides Presentations, your school website), copy and paste all the links you wish to share with participants onto a document or slide, and then save it as a PDF. This PDF is what you will upload to the app. 

Here is an example PDF that could be used.

See instructions below for tips to ensure that your Google files are shared correctly.

“Anyone with the link can view” – Share Google Resources and use a URL Shortener 

When sharing Google resources (Doc, Presentation, Sheet, or even a Folder) set view rights so “Anyone with the link can view” and copy the URL. This URL can be very long and nearly impossible to enter manually.

It is recommended you use a URL shortener such as tinyurl.com, or my favorite, bit.ly I like to use bit.ly because if you have an account you can customize part of the address which follows bit.ly. This allows long URL references to become a much easier address to share with others. 

If participants want to make a copy of a Google file, they can go to File and “Make a copy” In the Sharing Settings => Advanced you can “Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers” if desired. If you share an entire folder, files can be copied individually.

Prompting Attendees to Create a Copy

Some presenters like to share their files with attendees, and encourage them to make a copy – where they can add their own notes to their copy of your presentation. Notes may be added in a variety of ways, such as by using Comments or in a shared Presentation, in the Notes area. 

 To encourage attendees to make a copy of your presentation, you can bypass the entire, “Make a copy” by prompting them to make a copy when they click on your URL by making this minor change, delete the “/edit?usp=sharing” at the end of your file address and replace it with “/copy”  

Now all participants need to do is click “Make a copy” and now they have their own version for adding notes.  Remember, once a copy is created, any changes to your document will not be reflected in their copy of the document. 

Make it even more user friendly by using the special “make a copy URL” along with a URL Shortener to directly prompt the user to make a copy. 

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Improving Accessibility and Inclusion of Session Materials

MACUL24 strives to be an inclusive, accessible conference. To ensure that all attendees have the best possible experience, we are encouraging presenters to consider the following suggestions when creating session materials. Please review the MACUL DEI Pillars .

Thank you in advance for helping our attendees have a successful MACUL24!

Please learn more about efforts for this year’s conference here .