Why Attend?

We often get asked how does attending MACUL benefit my classroom, school or district and we have an answer for that question:

Learning environments are technology driven now more than ever and with the advent of new technologies, such as AI and Cybersecurity Threats, now is the time be on top of your tech game. MACUL’s Annual Conference has been recognized for over 45 years as the premier opportunity to experience leading educational technology tools, strategies and content that impact the classroom and as a result participation in the conference can directly support student achievement.

Key Takeaways

Don’t want to take our word for it?! Here are some key impacts that your class, school or district can expect by your attendance at the MACUL Annual Conference:

With nearly 300 sessions to attend there will be more than enough topics for you and your colleagues to target for your district’s specific needs – Ensuring lots of pedagogical based strategies to bring back to your classroom, school and district.

Those same session opportunities will challenge your thinking, help you understand innovative resources and increase your teaching skills to be better for all students.

Learning best practices from thousands of other educators and building a PLN that you can tap anytime allows you to be a leader in your school and district. 

MACUL features unique learning opportunities that will impact you as a professional educator. Join us for our Innovation Zone, Campfire talks, Poster Experience and Featured Sessions that remind you of all the great things you do and that will help you return to your building energized and ready to take on the rest of the year.

With nearly 200 companies represented and on site, you will have the chance to get hands-on experience with innovative solutions for your class, school or district without any pressure or commitments. 

With 17 SCECHs possible, you will not only get your PD hours, but your district can trust these hours will be earned through relevant content, resources and strategies that all teachers need in today’s tech dependent learning environments.

You are already doing amazing things, but one of the most underrated values the MACUL Conference provides is the opportunity to reinvigorate current teaching practices with new ways to execute, apply and share.

MACUL remains one of the best options in the PD landscape in terms of the amount of content our attendees get for the cost. With low rates and multiple attendance options, MACUL fits in any district’s PD budget.