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March 17, 2021
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Creating Equitable Learning Environments

Aaron Johnson, Ph.D.
Twitter: @i2_sing_america

This session will lead participants in equity learning that will help them improve their racial literacy and increase their commitment to equity. This is based on the belief that helping adults to develop an equity-centered approach to everything that they do is the key to achieving equity in school environments. This session is focused on finding common definitions of equity, oppression, culturally responsive actions, and developing an approach to grow and change in order to better serve our most marginalized students and families.

Organize Your Google Classroom, Marie Kondo-style

Matt Miller, President, Ditch That Textbook LLC

Does your Google Classroom spark joy? We can fix that! Find the best tips, tricks and strategies to make the most of your Google Classroom. Regain time. Be more productive. Spark joy with your digital assignments!

Solutions That Drive Online Engagement and Interaction

Leslie Fisher

In a remote leaning environment and want to make online time together a little more interactive? This presentation will overview some of the online tools you can use to help keep your group of online students, teachers, etc. engaged. We will look at popular titles but also take a look at the unsung hero’s of Pear Deck, Zeetings, EdPuzzle and if time allows a few more titles. This is a class about interaction, so, be prepared to well, possibly interact! I am always looking for new engaging solutions so do not be surprised if there are some other solutions tossed into this session as well!

STEM + Critical Thinking

Chris Woods, Teacher, Speaker, Author & STEM Nerd, @dailySTEM, Grand Rapids Public Schools

As one of the ‘4 C’s of Education,’ critical thinking is an important skill for all of our students to improve upon. STEM education provides the perfect opportunity to build critical thinking skills through a sense of wonder, good questions, and problem solving. We’ll improve our own critical thinking skills and redesign typical STEM projects to make them more challenging for our students.

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March 18, 2021
4:00 – 6:00 PM

Create Your Virtual Learning Class

Marvin Taylor

Pandemic learning has been rough for most educators. Good things have happened as a result however, one of these is the focus ‘flipping’ the classroom. In this session you will learn how to create your own class and flip the classroom doing it. This workshop session is designed for the educator new to using Google Classroom. Attendees should come to this session with a class list, lesson plan book, and an educator Google account.

Designing for Voice & Choice No Matter the Format

Anne Perez, Michigan Virtual

Teaching looks different these days, and trying to plan a lesson is no longer as simple as using what worked last year. It may seem near-impossible to offer students voice and choice over their learning when you’re not even sure where learning might be taking place. Using the “flex model” can help you streamline your lessons to be effective in either a face-to-face or remote setting. This structure offers students agency over their learning while allowing teachers to provide feedback and maintain classroom control. In this immersive workshop, you will experience the “flex model” for yourself first-hand, see what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a virtual check-in, and begin designing a lesson that you can try out with your students tomorrow!

Power Up Your Canvas!

Erin Weaver

Come learn how to power up your Canvas course with something cool for everyone whether you have just started using Canvas or have been using it for awhile! Learn out-of-the-ordinary ways to use Canvas such as using the scheduler, filtering your grade book, and adding mastery paths, or prerequisites. We will also dive into how to gamify your course to increase student engagement with badges.

STEM + Design Thinking

Chris Woods and Jason Hubbard, Teacher, Speaker, Author & STEM Nerd
@dailySTEM, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Jason Hubbard, Teacher, Speaker

Never has there been a better time to become better problem solvers! Design Thinking is a problem solving method that helps people design workable solutions “for” and “with” others. Participants will engage in a rapid prototyping, remote learning activity with a whole lot of empathy (and just a little bit of tin foil) in order to learn how design thinking works. Then, we will explore some of the best digital tools and workflow practices for students to thrive in a brave, new remote/hybrid problem-solving world!

Envisioning Computer Science Through the SCRIPT Lens

Cheryl Wilson, Computer Science Consultant, MDE

Join this workshop to learn how districts can utilize the SCRIPT process to create a vision with actionable goals toward computer science implementation in the classroom. SCRIPT (Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool) was a process developed through research by CSforALL to help school districts and other LEAs become the unit of change toward creating rigorous, inclusive and sustainable K-12 computer science education. Through SCRIPT, district teams are guided by a facilitator through a series of collaborative visioning, self-assessment and goal-setting exercises to create or expand upon a computer science implementation plan for their students. Participants in this workshop will experience portions of the SCRIPT workshop and find out how their district or LEA can create a computer science vision and actionable goals with their own SCRIPT workshop. Note: the SCRIPT process is provided free of charge by trained SCRIPT facilitators.

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March 19, 2021
8:00 – 10:00 AM

ESPORTS 101 First Steps: Every Good Team Starts Somewhere

Dylan Chapman, Zach Garner, Ron Madison, MiHSEF Board members

Learn about the basics and necessary steps to begin an esports program at your high school. What equipment do you need? What amount of space is required? Who can you compete with? The startup obstacles aren’t as large as you might think!

Immersive VR Beyond 360

Andy Mann,  Instructional Technology Consultant, Director REMC 4, Muskegon Area ISD and Steve Kass,  Educational Technologist

Get started with the new virtual reality platform that allows students to move around and interact with their environment with 6 Degrees Of Freedom (6DOF). Explore the best education apps, integration strategies, and management tips for the Oculus VR platform. Leave ready to use 6DOF VR in your classroom!

K-3 Virtual Observations

Heather Rottermond, Assessment & Instruction Consultant, Wayne RESA and Michelle Wagner, Literacy Consultant, Wayne RESA

Teachers of young learners must flexibly use observation and assessments to guide language and literacy development. This session will focus on how to virtually observe students during reading and writing then use that information to provide additional support or make instructional shifts. Additionally, participants will consider specific assessments and how they might be used to inform specific instructional targets. Intended Audience: Early Literacy Educators, Classroom Teachers & Instructional Coaches, Instructional Leaders and/or Administrators.

Overview of School Finance for Technology (MSBO Certification)

Mark Salzer and Andrew Steinman, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

There are many types of technology-related expenses your school district should budget for, and some helpful guidelines on “What Stuff Costs.” The basics of the budgeting process, an overview of school finance, borrowing, and the operation of a business office will be addressed. Some of the topic areas that will be addressed are, “Where and how do grants and donations fit into the process?” How does “depreciation,” “total cost of ownership” (TCO), and “return on investment” (ROI) play a role? What are the various purchasing plans and regulations? How to negotiate rates with technology vendors? What is E-Rate? Should a district purchase or lease equipment?

Plug Social Justice into Educational Technology

Elizabeth Boltz, Co-Director of MAET, MSU, Candace Robertson, Assistant Director of Student Experience and Outreach, MSU and Brittany Dillman, Director of Graduate Certificate Programs, MSU

How can we keep a critical lens on the way that educational technology impacts social justice? In this interactive workshop, we will design collaborative solutions for the challenges educational technology raises for social justice. We will create a community that welcomes all, honors where you are, and helps move everyone toward more equitable and inclusive learning spaces, practices, and philosophies. Bring your true, authentic self, your questions, and your experiences. Experience design thinking, small group sharing, and strategies for making change.

Looking into the Future with Google (NDA Required)

Google for Education Team

Join us for a deep dive into what is in development with Google for Education. Note: you will need to complete an NDA to attend this workshop.

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March 20, 2021
8:00 – 10:00 AM

ESPORTS 102 Speed Bumps and Hurdles: What To Expect In Your First Years

Dylan Chapman, Zach Garner, Ron Madison, MiHSEF Board members

Learn about common difficulties most teams face in their first couple years. Prepare yourself to tackle technical issues, communication problems, administrative questions and team structure. Deep dive into the complications different teams have experienced and how they have been resolved.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design for Student/Parent Communication

Jason Smart,  Graphic Designer and Instructor, Smarty Design Co and Adrian College

In this session we will spend the first hour going over the fundamentals of imagery, color, type pairing, and content. The second hour will consist of working in Adobe Spark by creative designs for your social media platforms that inform parents/guardians of happenings in your class(es). I will walk you through the design process by using Adobe Spark and demonstrate how to create an effective design.

Security and Disaster Recovery (MSBO Certification)

Ken Zimmer, Jessica Dore, and Mark Spaak, Rehmann

An overview of security best practices at the network, server and workstation levels will be discussed. The security practices covered can be applied to multiple types of network architectures including Windows, Linux and others. Also covers best practices on creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan.

Tools You Can Use Tomorrow. Remote/Hybrid Style

Leslie Fisher

We are certainly in a unique environment right now with much of what we are doing weighted on technology so lets make sure you know some of the coolest features in todays most popular solutions. If you have been in a session with me you know I like to show you the newest and most unique solutions and hope to provide that with the newest offerings including Wakelet, Flipgrid, Kahoot, Book Creator and many more as well as introducing you to some new solutions which might be helpful to your students working remotely. I am always looking for new engaging solutions so do not be surprised if there are some other solutions tossed into this session as well!

Using Video to Engage Students and Staff

Du Bui, Educational Technology Consultant, Google Certified Innovator, Jackson ISD

Participants will learn how to use video editing, screen recording, and animation creation tools. These multimedia tools will help both educators and students communicate their ideas creatively and clearly, as well as helping demonstrates their knowledge and competency skills. This workshop will cover a variety of tools for all platforms, so all attendees will be able to participate regardless of the device they are using.

March 20, 2021
8:00 AM – 12:15 PM

G Suite Admin Console Best Practices (Part 1 and 2)

Stacey Kosch, Lead Instructional Specialist and Coach, Tierney Brothers

Come join the collaborative discussion with Tierney Brothers and your colleagues from across the Midwest. This session will be customized based on the needs and requests of those registered for the session. Within our time we will look at discussing organizational unit device settings to optimize a shared device or 1:1 environment, and Chrome browser settings.

March 20, 2021
10:15 AM – 12:15 PM

ESPORTS 103 Leveling Up:Taking your Team from Zero to Hero

Dylan Chapman, Zach Garner, Ron Madison, MiHSEF Board members

Discover how successful established teams sustain growth, fundraise, build culture and community and empower their students to lead and stand out. Video production, public speaking, technical skills, marketing; what else exists beyond the competition? How can you set up your students for collegiate/pro play and future career opportunities.

I Gave You a Chromebook, Now What?

Alyn Moore,  Educational Improvement Consultant, Linda Kell, Leadership Consultant, Natalie Turner, Educational Improvement Consultant, Nekeya Irby,  Educational Improvement Consultant, Wayne RESA

This session will explore strategies to engage students in the virtual environment. Districts across Michigan were proactive and industrious in providing Chromebooks or a device for student use. Even though students may have received a device, statistics showed some students did not engage online. All students need more personalized interaction for continued learning, especially those who have less access. Participants will receive relationship and engagement strategies to support building their virtual toolbox. This session addresses the theme of equity by taking a deeper look into designing differentiated virtual lessons for ALL students. 

Leading SEL for ALL

Dr. Melissa Usiak, Michigan State University & Michigan ASCD

As we move through a time of significant stress, school leaders are charged with not only caring for students and families, but staff, colleagues, and self, requiring intentional practice in Social and Emotional Learning. This session will establish why this work is critical as well as practices leaders can apply in their everyday lives, professionally and personally.

Learn Like a YouTuber: Engaging Video Activities

Matt Miller,  President, Ditch That Textbook LLC

Let’s face it. Your students spend lots of time on YouTube, and they probably have their favorite YouTubers. Let’s take popular styles of YouTube videos and turn them into learning experiences! In this video, you’ll learn how you — and your students! — can make top 10 videos, unboxing videos, and more as a demonstration of learning.

Microsoft OneNote/Class Notebook

Leslie Fisher

Microsoft OneNote is flat out impressive and, its free! Not only is it packed with a pile of features, teachers, schools, administrators and districts have put together some great hacks to make it even more powerful. This session will overview what OneNote is, show you some of its best features and hidden wonders and then discuss how educators are using OneNote in education. We will also discuss and demonstrate Class Notebook and Staff Notebook which allows you to share notes to groups or individuals. Handy for collaboration, assignments, research, reference, etc.

What’s In Your Online Teaching Toolbelt?

David Tchozewski, MACUL Board-Technology in Education Learning Area, MACUL

Fast-paced session designed to give participants several tips, tricks and tools that can be added to their toolboxes. Moderated by David Tchozewski, several guest presenters will share their success stories and a variety of resources for online teaching and learning.