Even in the chaos of these COVID times, there are K-5 schools in Michigan whose students’ MSTEP, NWEA, and iREADY scores have increased! And, most importantly, that achievement has not added to the already steep workload of the schools’ teachers! Magic? No! Students and teachers are using high-quality, OER curricula created by K-5 educators for the Center for Digital Curricula at the University of Michigan. The deeply-digital, standards-aligned, year-long curricula for ELA (MAISA), science (NGSS-aligned), social studies (MAISA), and math (EngageNY/EUREKA) is available for K through grade 5. While teachers can use the curricula as is, the digital curricula, hosted on the Collabrify Roadmap Platform, is easy to change thereby enabling teachers to meet the specific needs of their classrooms. On “Collabrify,” a lesson is a Roadmap – a graphical, concept-map-like structure, where the nodes are either on-computer learning activities (e.g., create an animation) or off-computer activities (e.g., turn-and-talk to your elbow partner or talk through the computer to a student learning at home.) Indeed, the same Roadmap lessons can be – and are being – used in face-to-face classrooms as well as for remote learning. Roadmap lessons make teaching and learning seamless! “Collabrify” in fact is a “one-stop shop:”

Collabrify is an easy-to-learn and use, device-independent, browser-based, collabrified, graphical, open platform that supports the full life-cycle of deeply-digital lessons:

During the workshop, attendees will first learn how to use the curricula provided by the Center, and then learn how those materials can be easily changed. It is our intention that attendees will leave our workshop with the skills and understanding needed to continue using the K-5, deeply-digital curricula and the Collabrify Roadmap Platform to support their Alpha Generation students’ achievement using digital pedagogies!