When students struggle with literacy, it touches all subject areas and impacts their ability to fully engage with the digital learning resources they use throughout the school day. So frequently, these resources are lacking in accessibility. Creating equitable and inclusive learning environments is a critical step to empower ALL learners. Many districts and educators are prioritizing the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by examining and setting goals around literacy, learning loss, educational preparedness, and disproportionality in suspensions and referrals, as well as gifted and AP programs. The work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion must make its way through multiple levels in order to address these issues in a systematic way: district level, building level, and classroom level. Join Andratesha Fritzgerald (UDL consultant and author of Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways to Success), along with Stacey Banks (Assistive Technology Consultant for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools) and Marc Callahan (Texthelp Regional Director) for a practical & inspiring conversation and Q&A. During this 2-hour session, Stacey Banks will spotlight Plymouth-Canton’s techquity journey and Andratesha Fritzgerald will share her views on increasing equity and the impact of removing barriers for all learners in today’s digital world. Marc Callahan will moderate the Q&A panel discussion with Andratesha and Stacey. This session will help you move the needle on your DEI goals and share best practices for empowering learners of all backgrounds to interact and engage with their digital learning resources in a meaningful way. Every participant will receive a copy of Andratesha Fritzgerald’s book Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways to Success